Name:Mridula Medhi
Designation:Assistant Professor
Department:Computer Science & Engineering

Qualification: M.Tech in Information Technology
Research Area:Speech processing, Image processing


A. "A Study on the Acoustics Properties of Speech with Respect to Assamese Language"
published at International Journal of Emerging Research in Management & Tech. (IJERMT) in Volume 4 Issue 6 on 18th June 2015 [ Paper ID: V4N6-195].
[Author - MridulaMedhi and ParismitaSarma]

B. "Design Criteria of Intonation/Annotation Model for Assamese Language with respect to MLDS Data Modelling"
published at International Conference on Computing and Communication Systems (I3CS'15) held in Shillong during 9-10 April, 2015.
[Author - MridulaMedhi and ParismitaSarma]

C. "ANN Based Assamese Handwritten Character Recognition using Character Geometry for Feature Extraction"
published at IEEE's National Conference on Research Trends in Computer Science and Application, held in Siliguri, West Bengal, February 2014 .
[Author - Sagarika Borah, MridulaMedhi and Vijay Prasad]