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Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) is one of the core branches of Engineering studies started as Electrical Engineering. Most of the branches like Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Applied Electronics, Electronics and Instrumentation, Information Technology have been emerged as specialization from Electrical Engineering. However, with the wide applications of Electronics in controlling and protecting the Electrical equipments and systems, the present trend is to redesign the course in Electrical Engineering and to rename it as Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

The Gauhati University at the initiative of NITS Mirza introduced the Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) course for the first time last year (from academic session 2009-10). The course covers traditional areas like generation, distribution and transmission of electricity as well as new age applications in electronics ranging from telecommunications to computers and micro processors. Thus most courses combine electrical and electronic systems. The course is closely linked with computation and neural systems, applied physics, computer science and applied dynamic systems. It offers students the opportunity for study, both theoretical and experimental, in a wide variety of subjects, including wireless systems, quantum electronics, modern optics, solid state materials and devices, power electronics, control theory, signal processing, data compression and communications. New areas include Neuro Fuzzy approaches for Engineering system applications, Biomedical instrumentation, Analysis of digital systems etc. Concept of computer and recent applications of computer based systems in design, analysis and efficient operation of power system, maintaining quality and security, also included in the course. The electronics component of EEE is also fairly significant with special emphasis on modern digital computing and software techniques.

With convergence of electrical engineering and electronics engineering, the EEE graduates would be equipped to work across diverse industries (Automotive, Consumer, Electronics, Infrastructure, etc.) and utilities (Electricity, Telecom, Transportation, etc.) with a new orientation towards modern electronic control devices and internet base data/information management.

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