Computer Centre

The Computer Centre remains open for around 8 to 10 hours a day and the students visit the Centre for their routine computing task. Besides the resources of the Computer Center is used by the departments to conduct their practical courses.

The CSE dept conducts their computer programming practical in the Centre for the Btech students, the Mechanical Engineering Dept uses the Centre for their engineering drawing practical, students of ECE dept. use the Centre resources to work on Scilab. Likewise all the other departments conduct some of their labs in the Centre.

The Computer and Communication Centre is also involved in developing software for in-house use. Academic information management software developed by Centre is used by Academic section to maintain student records, a online E-notice Board System is maintained by the Centre for posting and viewing notices campus wide electronically.

Along with the institute's Internet website, the Centre also maintains the Intranet website. The Computer Centre imparts training to the staff members of the institute and orientation courses to the school teachers of the institute.

The Computer Centre conducts short term courses during vacations on the current topics of Information Technology.

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Computer Centre

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